What Can We Do

The Merger & Acquisitions landscape has become very competitive, we at MKA Financial group understand the complexity that comes  along with it. We can ensure that adequate time and result driven resources are directed towards achieving your goal Find out how the MKA business advisory group could help in strategizing your move 


Aquisition Strategy

At MKA Financial Group, we work hard to comprehend what you hope to accomplish by purchasing another company while taking in to consideration the current market conditions, your financial position and future projections


M & A Search Criteria

We at MKA Financial, can diligently make a profile of your ideal merger or acquisition by considering company size, financial positions, products or services offered, customer base, culture and other relevant factors aligned to your position as a buyer


Target Compannies

Brief evaluation of the potential target companies is recommended, find out how MKA consultants can help your company make sound decisions.


Acquisition Planning

Feel free to express interest in pursuing a merger or acquisition. We at MKA Financial Group, know that  smart choices in business always lead to success. MKA advisors can help in organizing a summary of the proposed deal 


Business Valuation

Business evaluation is most often critical in M&A process. MKA financial Group advisors can help in business evaluation both as a stand-alone company and as a potential merger or acquisition


Negotiation & Signing

Our business advisors are ready to be on your negotiating team. We can help in reviewing financial positions before both parties agree and sign the deal


Financial Services



Risk Managemnt



Expert Advice


Our Services

65+ fanance services

Find out how our financial services can help your business increase transparency in Mergers & Acquisitions, operations, control and compliance.

Busisness Planning

In today’s highly competitive environment, formal business planning is an essential point in achieving business success. A sound business plan at an early stage of a business  can also serve as a strategic plan

Busisness Consultency

At MKA Financial Group, our business consultants  review business challenges, we talk about paths towards solving problems as well as what to expect.

Financial Services

We at MKA Financial group discuss in a vey broad sense what you or your business is trying to achieve. Our goal is to fully understand everything we need to know to put together a comprehensive business solution strategy to help you meet your goals

Expert Advisers

We work closely with your business to create strategic tax and financial plans that can support your short term and long term business goals while creating opportunities for growth 

Risk Management

Risk management is essential in minimizing financial and other loses, We at MKA Financial Group can asses and advice on all lines of defenses available to you

Customer Support

At MKA we believe in exceptional Service. we go beyond numbers